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- 33% bigger diesel engine - 4 cyl. 3000 rpm

- 66% bigger hydraulic pump - stepless 0-27 km/h
- 56% more powerful feeding pump motor
- Easier and faster to maintain

- 1100 kg Food tank with mixer
- Hydraulic food container lift

- Front radiator - Reversible cooling fan

- 26% wider tyres
- Centered hose box -suction by foot switch
- 4 LED lights

Technical Data

The best is now better!

Kaj Carlson made the first engine driven feeder Gigantic in 1964.
2014 the Carlson Family celebrated 50 years of non-interrupted success.

Scanblack, Silver- and Blackcross produced today represent top of the art and therefore we are primary forced to beat ourselves.

This is done by introducing Hydrolink Platinum to our dedicated and becoming customers.

We listen to all inputs we get through our fieldwork
We fine-tune components to the uppermost performance with the lowest power take off possible.
Our customer service participate where the work take place and so helps us to design future classics.

When it comes to the new Platinum it´s already become a classic due to all parameters that were fulfilled;

  • Front radiator
  • Less hair intake
    Oil and engine cooler side by side to prevent clogging.
    Diesel engine service rapid and easier due to relocated cooling system

  • Cooling fan with enhanced functions
  • Hydraulically driven for maximum cooling efficiency. The fan can be rotated in the other direction to blow away hair and dust from the airways.

  • Bigger diesel engine
  • The entire power from the fourth cylinder is transmitted to the wheels and feeding pump since no additional losses has been applied.
    Smoother run with more cylinders reduces vibration

  • Bigger food tank
  • To be able to use our well proven chasis and wheel support system, the driver position has been 100 mm forward in comparison to Silver- and Blackcross.
    This change allowed the food tank to be extended forward so the center of gravity would divide over both front and rear wheels.
    The round bottom where the mixer boosts the feeding pump have been reduced from half-round to a quarter.
    Both sides continues upwards in 45 degrees angle.
    The mixer diameter is reduced and can be dropped easier to place though the sides are bent inwards at the tank´s upper edge.
    Our well functioning upper edge from earlier models are reused in this tnk as well.
    Measured volume 1152 liters means 1100 kg:s of food.

  • Hydraulically lifted food tank
  • The tank is now lifted by a double acting cylinder getting its power from the steering circuit. A valve takes care of the division.
    The tank can be lowered even with engine shut off and due to a centering fixation together with a clever cylinder connection works as lock.

  • Speed up to 27 kmh
  • The hydraulic pump has 66% more capacity for both driving and feeding.
    Combined by bigger hydraulic motors it gives 0-14 kmh in low speed and 0-27 kmh in high speed. The speed is selected by an electric valve operated by a toggle switch situated in the drivers seat.

  • Feeding pump drive
  • Due to bigger hydraulic pump and motor the feeding pump speed is 6% higher and torque 56% higher than in previous models. The torque increase is milling harder parts easier and the risk for interruptions are smaller.

  • Post pressure reduction
  • A switch operated by right foot has been placed to the left of the feeding pedal.
    With this you rapidly and shortly change the feeding pump direction enabling suction to discharge the post pressure in the feeding hose.

  • Bigger and centered hose box
  • This unavoidable box has found its place as a part of the overall design
    As a result the hose can be brought there from both sides.
    The box can be emptied easily due to its tapered design and it serves as a cover allowing easy access to the rear side of the dashboard.

  • Stronger mixer hydraulics
  • Both pump and motor for the mixer is bigger in Platinum. Torque 25% and speed 28%.
    The mixer is designed to need less power and thus contributes to more efficient feeding.

  • Wider tyres
  • To achieve better floating needed for the increased overall weight Platinum is equipped with 195 mm wide tyres on 15'' aluminium rims.
    The earlier models has got 155 mm tyres on 14'' rims.

  • Bigger fuel tank
  • When the cooler was moved forward the fuel tank has been placed under the driver´s seat. The volume is 29 liters instead of 15.
    Refilling is not needed more frequently even if the power and performance has increased severely.
    This package has been equipped with gas spring to make oil and filterservice easy and safe.

  • Extended reverse drive pedal
  • Those who reverse longer distances has now received a simple drive pedal extension to decrease fatique.
    This device doesn´t affect on other things and it can easily be applied to older machines as well.

  • Easier to access
  • 4 separate foot steps are intergrated in the side covers and front mask. The well proven rails on food tank and steering column always comes as standard on all of our machines.
    The front mounted rail is bolted on and can be customized if such needs arises.

  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum belongs to a growing number of machines made to withstand environments where other surface treatment systems over time loses its fight against corrosion.
    If pride is not an issue, others will surely follow.

    Once again we managed to beat ourselves by installing all above mentioned without changing the well proven base.
    Only the bigger food tank and the fourth cylinder raises net weight.
    To walk hand in hand with the increased gross weight we went for a modern high grade steel also increasing the strength by 80%.

    The components we use are well known to us from the models we have been manufacturing during the last 20 years.

    ''When it works, don´t fix it'' is our motto.

    Tore Carlson with 33 years of experience from mechanics, hydraulics and electronics quotes:
    ''Since childhood these machines existed. Daily engagement will continuously keep us one step ahead''

    More info:
    Benny Rönnqvist
    +358 (0)400 667754