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Over the last 5 decades, the family Carlson has been around planning and developing boats, vehicles and machines for use on land and water.
Already in the 50's Erik Carlson (1915-1992) constructed towing boats. His son Kaj Carlson started repairing boat engines as a teenager. He continued on industrial design and development, following his fathers footsteps, mainly focusing on wheel and belt vehicles. After a long lasting successful business in maintaining and selling forest machines and feeding machines, Kaj Carlson sold his business in 1984. His two sons Tore and Mats Carlson established the family business Hydrolink Oy Ab in 1992.

Hydrolink Oy Ab developed snowgroomers and track machines for ski resorts until 2008, when the snowgroomer development was sold to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG.
At this moment, Hydrolink went back to its roots and developed a professional business for boat people including service, maintenance, winter storage, boats, engines and harbor solutions.

With a team of experienced people in the industry and a long history in service, sales and maintenance, Hydrolink is today one of Finlands biggest and most professional companies in the boat service and storage industry.

Hydrolinks head office is in Vasa, but operates in all Finland and the east coast in Sweden. Our warm winter storage halls are located in Helsinki, Skåldö (close to Tammisaari), Mustasaari (close to Vaasa) and Savonlinna.